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    19th September 2017 ELECTIONS 2018 Elections to the Federation's Board of Management will take place at the BICTSF Annual General Meeting to be held in March... Read More
  • Compak Sporting UK Championship - Doveridge - 10th September 2017 - Scores and Results (COMPAK)

    10th September 2017 Scores Results Read More
Results & Scores
  • Compak Rankings September 2017 (COMPAK)

    12th September 2017 Compak Sporting Rankings can be downloaded below Please read the BICTSF Compak Sporting GB Team Selection and Eligibility Criteria For 2018 Read More
  • Helice Rankings 2nd September 2017 (HELICE)

    2nd September 2017 Helice Rankings can be downloaded below Read More


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