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Do not phone CPSA headquarters about competition entries, they do not handle entries nor have anything to do with BICTSF entries. All queries about BICTSF entries must be made through the Secretary

Please ensure you have read the 'Conditions of Entry' below.


1. Competitors must be paid up members of their Home Association at the time of entry and event. Please make sure that your membership has not lapsed - it is your responsibility to comply with this requirement. Selection shoot flash finals in ISSF events are only open to the top six competitors who are eligible and willing to shoot for GBR if selected.
2. In the event that any cheque is returned by the bank for whatever reason, an administration charge of £10 will be levied against the competitor.
3. Competitors who are indebted to BICTSF for whatever reason will be ineligible to enter events run by BICTSF until the debt is cleared.
4. For ISSF events:
Juniors must be born after 31st December 1993.
Veterans (British Grand Prix only) must be born before 1st January 1959.
For FITASC events:
Juniors must be born after 31st December 1993.
Veterans must be born before 1st January 1959.
Super Veterans must be born before 1st January 1949.
5. A competitor having entered a BICTSF event and fails to attend and/or fails to notify the organisers that they are unable to compete (without reasonable excuse) shall be penalised by either forfeiting their entry (if pre paid) or pay a fine equal to the entry fee. Failure to pay this fine within fourteen days of notification will automatically suspend the defaulter from all events held under the auspices of the Federation until such time as the Federation's Board shall determine.
6. A competitor who retires early during a BICTSF event (without good reason) may be subject to disciplinary action.
7. For Olympic (ISSF) disciplines and Universal Trench, Referees and Judges will be appointed in turn from the previous squad i.e. one referee, one scorer and one visible marker board scorer. It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure they serve in one of these capacities when it is their turn to do so.
Any competitor who refuses this responsibility will have one target deducted from his score for each refusal; persistent refusal may result in disqualification.
The Referee will be the most experienced of the three and shall be fully conversant with the rules. If there is any doubt as to the rankings the following shall be used to determine seniority:

1 Qualified Referee in the discipline.
2 British Team Member.
3 National Team Member.
4 Classification in descending order.

It is strongly recommended that competitors acquaint themselves fully with the rules so that when called upon, they are capable of carrying out these duties correctly.
8. A Jury for each event will be selected from the list of competitors by the organisers and it is a requirement that a competitor will serve on the Jury if selected. Any competitor refusing, without just cause, will be disqualified.
9. UK Sport may carry out random dope testing at any event without prior notice to BICTSF. Competitors selected by UK Sport's doping control staff to take part in a dope test are urged to comply with their instructions. Penalties for failure to comply with instructions or the discovery of a prohibited substance in a test sample can result in severe penalties. Competitors must familiarise themselves thoroughly with the information provided on UK Sport’s Drug Information Database on their website (click here) other information can be found on the ‘links’ page of this site. Please be aware that it is the competitor’s responsibility for ensuring compliance with the regulations regarding their medication, either purchased over the counter or prescribed by a medical practitioner.
10. Competitors with a query regarding an entry or wishing to withdraw from an event should contact the Shooting Ground. Please Note: All entries close at 2pm on the Friday before Saturday's competition.

As a condition of entry, all competitors must adhere to the following declaration:
i) ‘’I hold current insurance covering all shooting activity through the CPSA (or named home association). I know of no outstanding claims against me for other reasons which affect my insurable risk’’.
ii) ‘’I will conduct myself lawfully and safely throughout the competition’’.
iii) ‘’I will abide by the rules and regulations of this shooting discipline, uphold its reputation and maintain the public confidence in shooting as a sport’’.
iv) ‘’I will not prior to nor during the course of the competition, take prohibited drugs, prohibited substances or performance enhancing substances’’.
v) ‘’I will not drink alcohol during competition hours. I will not shoot the following day whilst still, howsoever, affected by alcohol’’.
vi) ‘’I declare that the shotgun(s) I will use in competition is (are) in safe working order and the barrels are within proof. The cartridges I will use are commercially loaded and conform to the current regulations’’.
vii) ‘’I acknowledge and accept that no liability attaches to the BICTSF Board and or its officers for any injury, loss or damage whether to my person or my property caused howsoever in the following circumstances :-
a) During travel by whatever means to or from the competition ground.
b) During any period of practice or whilst taking part in the competition itself.
c) During any stay in any temporary accommodation even if it is on a list of available accommodation provided by the BICTSF.
viii) ‘’I accept that if a shoot is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the BICTSF, I accept that I have no financial recourse against the BICTSF for any loss occasioned directly or indirectly by such cancellation’’.
ix) ‘’I have read and understood the above terms and conditions and the express exclusion of liability by the BICTSF and agree to be bound by the said terms and conditions and exclusion of liability for the duration and purposes of this / these competitions(s) and any preceding periods set aside for practice’’.
Please Note: Juniors (U21) must also have a parent’s signature, to permit U21s who have been selected by UK Sport’s doping control staff to take part in a dope test.

Double Trap, Olympic Skeet and Trap bookings to be made to the Shooting Ground
Beverley Clay Target Centre:
01964 551134 info@beverleyctc.co.uk www.beverleyctc.co.uk
02825 685340 / 07889 159 879 jmckeown1@btinternet.com www.carnviewfarms.com
01889 565986 enquiries@doveridgeclaysports.co.uk www.doveridgeclaysports.co.uk
Kippen Gun Club
01786 465125 trevor-jeffrey@supanet.com
Loch Ness Gun Club
07817783624 treasurergsg@gmail.com Glenmoriston shooting ground.
Morton Clay Targets
01506 884500 / 07956 171682 paulnelson@gmx.co.uk www.mortonclaytargets.co.uk
National Clay Shooting Centre:
01438 797666 info@nsc-clays.co.uk www.nsc-clays.co.uk
01763 848172 nicky@clayshoot.biz www.nuthampsteadshootingground.co.uk
Southern Counties:
01935 83625 scshooting01@btconnect.com www.southerncountiesleisure.com/shooting/

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