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Beginners Guide

Olympic Skeet is shot over 8 stands and the sequence is totally different to English or NSSA skeet. The sequence is:

Single high and then a double from Station 1. Station 2: single high then a double. Station 3: single high then a double. Station 4: single high followed by single low, you then shoot a double hitting high house target first, then another double shooting low house first. Station 5: single low house then a double. Station 6: single low then a double. Station 7: double taking low target first. Station 8: high single followed by low single. When shooting station 8 the shooter must turn away from the referee so that at no time the gun is pointed in the direction of the referee or other shooters. Regarding the sequence, all doubles from 1 to 4 are shot high house first. Stations 5 to 7 low house first.

Olympic skeet is considered by many to be the most difficult of the three Olympic disciplines; this is due to the fact that the ready position means that the toe of the stock must be touching the body at a line affixed to the skeet vest level with the natural drop of the elbow. Add to this the fact that targets are released by a random timer which allows the clay to be released any time from zero to three second after the shooter has called. There are strict rules governing the ready position and no shooter is allowed move to mount the gun until the target or targets are released, if they do, the referee will call a no bird and issue a warning (Yellow Card) should the shooter repeat the offence a target will be lost. Targets can be lost for other infringements to the rules such as foot faults and time faults.

There are probably more rules to Olympic Skeet than in the other Olympic disciplines so it is important to study the rule book if you decide to take up the challenge of this exciting form of shooting.

As with all Olympic disciplines (Double trap, Olympic Trap & Olympic Skeet), approved cartridges must have a maximum load of 24 grammes with a shot size no greater that 2.5mm (No7).