Latest News
  • Online Booking for UT

    14th April 2021 Online Booking for UT We have refrained from opening the online booking as we did not wish to do it too early and then find we had to issue refunds... Read More
  • Michael Brunton

    10th March 2021 Michael Brunton It is with a heavy heart I inform you of the passing of Mike Brunton. Mike was only 73 but suffered a devastating stroke on the... Read More
Results & Scores
  • FITASC Sporting Rankings for the European Championship 2020 (SPORTING)

    10th August 2020 Click below for the Rankings of the European GB FITASC Sporting Team 2020 Read More
  • UT Rankings for 2021 (UNIVERSAL TRENCH)

    5th October 2020 Please click on the link below to see the current rankings, following the second shoot for 2021 held at Nuthampstead on 3-4 October 2020. Subsequent selection... Read More

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