This exciting form of artificial target shooting is becoming more and more popular, especially in Europe and the United States of America. Also known as ZZ & Electrocibles, this discipline attracts a nucleus of dedicated shooters, whilst offering an alternative to those wishing to have a try at something distinctly different.

Helice News & Results

    18th March 2020 View all the latest news and updates from the world of BICTSF. The absolute priority of the BICTSF Board is the safety and well-being of its members.... Read More
  • BICTSF Coronavirus

    16th March 2020 BICTSF does not intend to give advice on the prevention etc of Coronavirus as there are many sources for such advice in the press, on television and the... Read More
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  • Helice Team Selection 2 of 4 for Worlds 2019

    23rd June 2019 Helice Team Selection & Scores can be downloaded below.  Read More
  • Helice Team Selection 3 of 4 for Worlds 2019

    8th July 2019 Helice Team Selection & Scores can be downloaded below. Read More

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