In view of the fact hotels, guest houses, etc cannot open before 17th May we have found it again necessary to amend our shoot calendar for this year to take the new accommodation factor into account. Please find below the revised listing current as of today. Obviously, it is a fluid situation and we may have to make further amendments if the government issues revised guidelines etc. The situation is not ideal in terms of some dates but, having taken into consideration fixtures from CPSA, BS etc, the very full calendar has left us with little option.
We would recommend that anyone booking accommodation does not do so on a non-refundable basis.
The UT Calendar now reads:-
UK Champs UT 22-23 May – NCSC– cut-off for European Championships
BGP UT 12-13 June – Fauxdegla
EO UT 3-4 July – Brook Bank – cut-off for World Championships
SW2000 GP UT 28-29 August – SW2000
We have implemented the clause published in our previous calendar whereby the GBR Team for the European UT Championships 2021 will now be selected from the final two shoots of last year, Brook Bank and Nuthampstead, and the UK Champs at NCSC 22-23 May this year - best two from three to count.
Selection shoots for the GBR Team for the UT World Championships 2021 will be the last four events, namely - Nuthampstead from last year and NCSC, Fauxdegla and Brook Bank from this year – best three from four to count.
All things being well Brook Bank and SW2000 will be selection shoots for the European Championships in 2022 and SW2000 for the World Championships in 2022.

OT Calendar:-
UK Champs OT 5-6 June – Fauxdegla
BGP OT 4-5 September – Fauxdegla
BICTSF British Masters OT 25-26 September – NCSC


OT and UT Calendar

OT and UT Calendar

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