CPSA English Open Olympic Trap Championship and Selection shoots. (OLYMPIC TRAP)

The English Open Olympic Trap Championship and Selection Shoots were held on the weekend of 20th and 21st of April 2019 at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground.

The weather throughout the whole weekend was glorious.
We have to thank Nicky and Ed Barker, plus their staff, for putting on a fantastic event for everyone. The targets were checked by the Jury on the Friday afternoon and perfect schemes were set in the very best of weather. Gary McCann was the Director representing BICTSF at this event and Nicola Heron was there as the CPSA National Director. They were on call all weekend to speak with shooters and answer any questions they had.

After the first day it was very close at the top of the field with Rod Gould leading the way on 96/100. In joint 2nd place was Nathan Hales and Ed Ling on 94/100 followed by Mark Shaw and veterans Ian Peel and Mike Wensley in joint 4th place on 92/100.

Leading the charge in the Ladies was Maddie Purser on 87, Elise Dixon on 86 and Abbey Ling on 85. It was a close thing in the Juniors too with Michael Bovingdon and Theo Ling both on 91, plus Lucas Hyde and Lewis Owen on 89. 

All to play for on the second day which, unusual for the UK, had wall to wall sunshine and warm temperatures when everyone arrived at the ground. The championship was very efficiently run. The squads were all to time and the scores instantly put on Shoot 08 so that the competitors could see the changing scores throughout the day.
At the end of the championship we saw a tie for the English Open which called for a shoot off between Ed Ling and Nathan Hales both on 190.

In the shoot off Nathan shot 4 and Ed 3, meaning that the English Open title went to Nathan Hales and the Runner up to Ed Ling. The third in the open was Ian Peel who also won the Veteran class with 187. Maddie Purser had a fantastic show of form winning Colts, Lady Junior and Ladies on a 177. Juniors was won by Lewis Owen on a very grown up 184.
Congratulations has to also go to the many shooters in all categories who came to try their very best in this difficult discipline and to support the discipline. I am sure we all went home with things to work on for next time.

The pictures below show the results and most of the winners at the prize giving. 



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