UT Shooter of the Year Final at Brook Bank (UNIVERSAL TRENCH)

The Shooter of the Year Final will take place at Brook Bank on 30th August and 1st September 2019.

This is the final BICTSF selection shoot of the year  and is the first one to count for the 2020 WCH.

There is a large perpetual silver trophy that goes to the shooter with the highest points achieved across the 5 selection shoots of 2019.

The winner gets to keep this trophy for a year, plus they also get their own category trophy to keep.

There are 5 category trophies in all, so, how close are you to winning one?

Here are the scores on the doors for those shooters who are still in contention for the SOYF awards.

Only those shooters that have not missed a competition are shown in each category (apart for the Juniors).

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