Michael Brunton

Michael Brunton

It is with a heavy heart I inform you of the passing of Mike Brunton. Mike was only 73 but suffered a devastating stroke on the 3rd of March. Mike was the original owner of the magazines Clay Shooting and Clay Shooting USA; both quality publications; he took the clay shooting world by the scruff of the neck in the UK and also the USA and Russia. Mikes events were know as the Classic, this morphed into the Triple Classic where the three stages were shot in the UK, USA (Forsyth) and Fox Lodge near Moscow. No other events before or after his intervention could compare; they were true events and the competitors loved them. He was the first organizer to fully appreciate the contribution that referees made to the events and was very generous to them for their support. I sourced the referees for his events and worked close to him for close to 10 years from 2001 to our final event together in the USA at Rio Brazos. If you go to EJ Churchil for a major such as the World Sporting event, well that is how Mike put on his show. Rest In Peace Mike you were a true showman.

Hugh Smith.

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