2019 Discipline Directors and GBR Team Manager - Contribution

For information and clarification.

The Board of the BICTSF allows certain contributions to be made to their voluntary unpaid Discipline Directors and to the voluntary unpaid GBR Team Managers.

We do not want any misunderstandings circulating about what can or not be claimed in these volunteer roles.

Therefore we would like to make it clear that the UT Discipline Directors and the UT Team Manager do not have any of their air fare, hotels, travelling or subsistence paid for by the BICTSF board or from the UT account. These expenses are paid directly by the Directors and Manager themselves.

The BICTSF contribution policy is shown below, and the contributions will only be paid to the GBR team and its managers, if there are sufficient funds.

BICTSF Board - Team Managers Policy - Across all disciplines. The shoot entry fee will be paid by BICTSF (from the discipline account), for any GBR team manager who attends the WCH or ECH for their discipline. (Just like the GBR team members).

The Team manager is allowed to shoot the competition.  Also, the UT the team manager will be paid the same contribution amount as all other members of the GBR team (depending on funds available) to a maximum of £250.

When the GBR Team Manager is at the ECH and WCH their commitment is to the GBR Team and they will attend the required meetings. If any issues arise that need to be dealt with urgently, they will, if necessary fore go their shooting in order to deal with anything that needs to be sorted out.

BICTSF Board - Directors Policy - Across all disciplines. The 2 discipline directors for each discipline will have their Selection Shoot entry fee paid and their shoot entry fee for any WCH and ECH that they may attend. The discipline directors are allowed to shoot the competition.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to approach the discipline directors.

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