2019 Shooter of The Year Rules - UT

 Again we are very happy to reveal that Paul Cockle of Bridgford Interiors will continue to sponsor the 2019 Universal Trench ‘Shooter of the Year’ trophies. 

Paul has loved shooting UT for many years and when he mentioned wanting to help with a donation that could possibly be used to help grow the sport, we jumped at the chance to put a project to him. The idea of ‘Shooter of the Year’ was born. This new perpetual Cup has now become a piece of history for UT as it approaches its 3rd year.

Each year this beautiful and substantial perpetual silver trophy will be presented to the person with the best aggregate score over the years UT selection shoots run by BICTSF.
Paul has also kindly donated 5 smaller trophies to be awarded to the High Gun in each of the 5 categories, Senior, Lady, Junior, Veteran and Super Veteran.
It is hoped that these trophies will encourage UK shooters to come and shoot UT as a dedicated discipline. We want to increase the number of people shooting at the selection shoots each year and, from a great pool of shooters, we can then build even stronger GBR teams. Most of all we want you to have fun. These two-day shoots will not only be serious competition but also a way of making new shooting friends.

Now... for those who like to know the rules of engagement…….please read on.
‘Shooter of the Year’ Rules.
1. ‘The scoring year’ runs from January to December and the ‘counting shoots’ will be all BICTSF official UT Selection Shoots during that period. At the start of the year the qualifying shoots will be published on the BICTSF website and our Facebook page ‘Universal Trench – UK’. The shooter must be a member of BICTSF to qualify for this trophy.
For 2019 we have 5 qualifying selection shoots and each one is 200 targets so we are looking for the overall highest aggregate scores from 800 and each highest across the categories.
2. The Silver perpetual trophy will be awarded to the overall ‘High Gun’. Presentation at the BGP.
3. The smaller trophies will be awarded to the High Gun of each category. Presented at the BGP.
4. If there are any ties, we will look back at the higher score at the British Grand Prix, if still tied we will look back at the higher score from the UK Championship and after that at The English Championship.
5. The overall High Gun Champion will take the perpetual trophy and also takes his or her category trophy. This is because the perpetual trophy is returned each year, whereas the category trophy is kept by the shooter as a great memory of the event.
6. The overall High Gun Champion must sign for the perpetual trophy and agree to check that it is covered on their house contents insurance. As this will become a historic trophy for UT each winner will agree to look after the trophy whilst it is in their possession, keep it polished to prevent tarnishing, and return it to the UT directors 2 weeks before the date of the next BGP so that it can be engraved.
7. The presentations will be made at the BGP and we hope that all the winners will value their success by being on the podium to receive them.

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