The BICTSF is the National Governing Body (NGB) of International Clay Target Shooting in the United Kingdom; it’s aim is to promote and encourage those forms of clay target shooting which are subject to the jurisdiction of the International Shooting Sport Federation (‘ISSF’) and Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse (‘FITASC’) or any successor organisations.

Originally known as the British International Board, it was formed in 1973 to independently administer the selection procedures for Great Britain and Northern Ireland (“United Kingdom”) teams in the International shotgun disciplines controlled by FITASC and ISSF (formerly ISU).

The BICTSF was incorporated as a Limited Company in 2010. BICTSF Ltd. is run by a board of directors, consisting of two representatives from each of the countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales along with two representatives from the disciplines of Double Trap, Olympic Skeet, Olympic Trap, FITASC Sporting, Helice (ZZ) & Universal Trench.

Current members are:

Chairman Nick Woodward
Vice-Chairman Terry Bobbett
Secretary Michele Rowe
Treasurer Clive Bramley

Discipline Representatives elected bi-annually are:

Olympic Skeet Clive Bramley  
Olympic Trap Steve Ling Gary McCann
Helice Chris Potter Marcus Iddon
FITASC Sporting Nick Woodward Nigel Hart
Universal Trench Nicola Heron  

Elected annually by their own Home Associations and representing:

England Michele Conway Iain Parker
Northern Ireland Harold Henning Trevor Wilson
Scotland Edith Barnes  
Wales Richard Hughes Gavin Harvey

Appointment of Delegates (FITASC Elections July 2018):

Helice (ZZ) Chris Potter
Sporting Graham Brown
Universal Trench -
Compak Mark Kettel

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