FITASC Grounds

FITASC Ground Licences 2022

Below is a list of grounds that have purchase a Licence to run FITASC events in 2022.  If your ground is not on this list you are not allowed to run any events in any FITASC disciplines until you have purchased a licence from the BICTSF.  


Date Ground Name
Valid 2022 FITASC Grounds
06/03/2021 Barbury Shooting School
06/03/2021 Barrow Sporting Clays - Ben Thorrold
06/03/2021 Brook Bank
06/03/2021 Dartford Clay Shooting Club
06/03/2021 East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground
06/03/2021 EJ Churchill
06/03/2021 Eriswell Lodge
06/03/2021 Fauxdegla
06/03/2021 Grange Farm Sporting Clays
06/03/2021 Ham Cross SG J.Thatcher & Sons
06/03/2021 Harboro Rocks Clay Shoot
06/03/2021 Hornet Shooting Ground
06/03/2021 High Lodge Shooting Ground
06/03/2021 High View Clay Shoot
06/03/2021 Kegworth Shooting Ground
06/03/2021 Mount Farm Sporting Clay Rowbottom
06/03/2021 National Clay Shooting Centre (Bisley)
06/03/2021 North Cornwall Clay Club
06/03/2021 North Wales Shooting School
06/03/2021 Nuthampstead
06/03/2021 Owls Lodge Shooting School
06/03/2021 Podimore
06/03/2021 Prescott Sporting Ltd (Orston)
06/03/2021 Purbeck Shooting School
06/03/2021 Redricks Sporting Clays
06/03/2021 Rugby & District Trap Club
06/03/2021 Somerset Shooting Ground
06/03/2021 Southdown Gun Club Ltd
06/03/2021 South Wales 2000 
06/03/2021 Sporting Targets Ltd
06/03/2021 The Clay Shooting Company
06/03/2021 West Midlands Shooting Ground

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