FITASC Sporting GB Team Selection & Eligibility Criteria for 2022

Mandatory Selection Criteria
 1.  The mandatory selection criteria will be:

o 2021 English Open Championship (Barbury 31st July – 1st August)
o 2022 British Masters Championship(Glanusk Estate 2nd – 3rd April)
o 2022 English Open Championship (Roundwood 23rd – 24th April)

o 2022 British Masters Championship(Glanusk Estate 2nd – 3rd April)
o 2022 English Open Championship (Roundwood 23rd – 24th April)
o 2022 British Grand Prix (Hodnet 25th – 26th June)

All venues and dates maybe subject to change

All of the above Primary Criteria are mandatory for BICTSF GB Team selection.

 2. Table 1 shows team numbers and reserve numbers for the different categories.


Category Team Positions Reserve Positions
Juniors 3 3
Ladies 3 3
Men (formally Seniors) 4 4
Seniors (formally Veterans) 3 3
Veterans (formally Super-Veterans) 3 3

Ranking Procedure

 3.  0 (zero) ranking points are awarded to the High Overall Score (HOS) at each Championship event detailed in point 1. The next highest
       score in that category is awarded points relating to the difference of the HOS i.e. HOS score = 182 (0 points) next highest score = 179
       (3 points) and so on.

 4.  The competitors with the lowest total amount of points when the cut-off for selection is completed will be offered a TEAM GB position
       (refer to Table 1). The 3 competitors (4 in Men) with the lowest amount of ranking points will automatically be offered a team place in
       their appropriate category and the 3 reserves (4 in Men) will be notified of their reserve position. Teams including reserves in each
       category will only be selected from the top 6 positions (8 in Men) from the current rankings.

Resolving Ties

 5.  For the European and World Championship Team and reserve positions ties will be resolved by shoot off under the supervision of the
       Chief Referee for the event and members of the BICTSF and discipline Sub-Committee in attendance. 

 6.  The shoot off will take place as soon as practicable after the results are known at the Selection Cut-Off event. The Shoot off will consist
       of 25 targets. If after 25 targets the situation is unresolved then the competitors will compete in a ‘Sudden Death’ shoot off under the
       supervision of the Chief Referee for the event until the tie is resolved or a ‘Gentlemen’s’ agreement is reached.

 7.  Competitors nominated and called forward to present themselves at the shoot off position, must be ready to compete within fifteen (15)
       minutes of being called forward to the shoot off.

 8.  Should any of the tied competitors be absent from the venue, or not ready to compete within fifteen minutes of notice to compete, then
       their place will be forfeited and the shoot off will continue in their absence providing there are other competitors tied on the same  
       points, for the position(s) on offer, if only one tied competitor is present then the position will be awarded to that competitor by default.

  9. Should none of the shooters be present to shoot-off then ‘Countback’ will be used, starting with the result from the English Open (Roundwood) for the
       European Team and the British Grand Prix for the World Team. The decision of the Sub-Committee in this regard is final.

10. The BICTSF discipline director/s reserve the right to defer the shoot off to a more appropriate time should poor light or extreme
        weather conditions prevent fair competition taking place.

11. If after following the above selection criteria the BICTSF discipline directors are unable to form a team in one or any of the
        aforementioned categories, then a team(s) will not be represented in that category(s).

12. Should exceptional circumstances dictate i.e. should a team member be incapacitated for any reason, due to health, discipline or
        unforeseen travel arrangements, and then not be available at the competition venue prior to commencement of the event, to substitute
        that team member in the spirit of competition and fair play; providing the team Manager, Captain or Board Directors (if present) are in

13. The selection process will then restart the following year, all shooters points from the UK Championship at The National Shooting Centre Scotland
         8th - 9th October 2022 will be carried forward as one of the GB selection shoots to count for selecting the 2023 European Teams.

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