Introduction to the FITASC discipline

There are four disciplines shot in this country: Sporting, Compak Sporting, Helice ZZ and Universal Trench

Cartridges: max of 28g


Often known just as FITASC. A more advanced form of English Sporting.

In brief:


A more advanced form of Sportrap.

In brief:

Universal Trench:

Also know as UT or five trap. A very good stepping stone to OT.

In brief:

Helice ZZ:

A completely different discipline with limited grounds offering the discipline but try Invicta (Kent), A1 (North of London), Rugby & District Trap Club (Warwickshire). Originally created to simulate a form of live pigeon shooting. Also known as ZZ.

Big shots: Nathan Hales, 2013 World and Junior Champion

In brief:


Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives des Chasse is the IGB for: Compak Sporting, Fosse Universelle (Universal Trench/UT); Parcours de Chasse (Sporting); Tir aux Hélices (Helice ZZ) and Combined Game Shooting. For the rules, results and information see the FITASC website

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