Introduction to the ISSF Discipline

The shotgun disciplines are Double Trap (DTR), Skeet (known as Olympic Skeet in GB) and Trap (known as Olympic Trap in GB). Usually shot in squads of six.

Cartridges: Max of 24g for all three disciplines.

(Olympic) Skeet:

First shot in the Olympic Games in 1968. Also known as OSK.

In brief:

(Olympic) Trap:

First shot in the Olympic Games in 1900. Also known as OT.

In brief:

Double Trap:

First shot in the Olympic Games in 1996. Also known as DT.

In brief:


The International Shooting Sports Federation is the International Governing Body (IGB) for the Olympic shooting events, including shotgun, rifle and pistol – there are some events which are not shot at the Olympics, but are shot internationally, eg: Women’s Double Trap which has been reintroduced to the Commonwealth Games. For the rules, results and information see the ISSF website

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