What is Compak?

Compak Sporting, is a shooting discipline which forms part of the ‘Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse’ based in Paris. Compak is becoming ever more popular in the UK and enjoys a good following the world over.

What format is used?

The competitions are mainly shot over 100 targets made up of four layouts of 25 targets, or ". GB selection shoots will have 100 targets shot on 1 day and 200 targets, shot over 2 days, whilst the European and World Events have 200 targets, shot over 3 - 4 days.

There are two variations in the format, known as "old system" and "new system".

Both old and new system comprise six traps on a layout with five shooting positions. The shooting area is marked by corner post delineating a 40m by 25m rectangle. The five shooting stands are made up of 1m x 1m squares, lined up and set 3 to 5 metres apart, from centre to centre. The line passing through the fronts of the five shooting stands must be located 4 to 8 metres back from the base line of the rectangle and parallel to it. Stand 3 must be centred on the base line of the rectangle.

Old system is made up of squads of six shooters, shooter 1 - 5 will stand in a shooting position whilst shooter 6 stands in a position behind shooter 1, shooter 6 will not go into a shooting position until shooter 5 has completed the targets on the menu.

New system is an inline/snake format which divides the total number of shooters by the amount of layouts being used, all shooters start on peg 1 and will have to be at the layout in good time to view the targets before taking to the shooting position The traps are normally released by voice activation and a light in front of the shooter will show to indicate it is their turn to call for their target.

On arriving at the stand, the first squad or shooter of the day at each layout is shown the targets they will shoot. The shooters fire in turns at each single and double target in the order on the menu.

On single targets, full use of the gun is allowed and a kill is recorded whether the first or second shot breaks the target. For the doubles, there is requirement to fire one shot at each target, if a competitor fires both barrels at one of the targets both targets will be scored lost.

A round is made up of 25 targets, i.e. 5 targets per shooting stand under one of the following formulas:
Five (5) single targets,
Three (3) single targets and one (1) double, (on report or simultaneous).
A (1) single target and two (2) doubles (on report or simultaneous)
The double targets on each Compak layout shall be the same on the 5 shooting stands (either on report, or simultaneous)

The Gun Position!

The gun can be shouldered or not before calling for a target, but must be shouldered when firing at a target.

Compak targets are not limited to standard clays and you will see all types, battues, rockets, rabbits, midis and minis, in use. The variety adds considerable interest and makes accurate reading of the target more difficult.

Cartridge load is restricted to a maximum of 28 grams. Compak can be shot with a regular Sporting Clay gun but many will opt for the longer barrel lengths.

Come and join us!

If you have never shot Compak then do make the effort to try it. There are four GB selection shoots throughout the year which are open to all shooters who are members of BICTSF and one of the UK National governing bodies. The atmosphere at the World and European Championships is amazing and you should plan to attend one of these great shoots at least once.

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