On behalf of myself and Greg, I would like to thank Phil Rowley for continuing to produce the UT ranking during the time we have been UT Directors. It has been very much appreciated Phil, by both of us.

I also wanted all UT shooters to know and appreciate this fact. The rankings do not just appear. Phil has always got the rankings worked out and send to us by the Monday morning after the competition. No one can be any faster than that at getting the information out to the shooters.

I hope that whoever takes on the 2 directors roles speaks nicely to Phil to ask him to continue giving this excellent service.

Please find here the UT rankings for August. It is in the new BICTSF format of points from High Gun down as passed for all disciplines at the last BICTSF board meeting. (We no longer show points inidividual categories from the category high gun. This no longer exisits as mentioned in the previous press releases.)

Please note that 2 of these shoots count towards 2019 selection. These are Brook Bank and SW2000.


Kind regards

Nicola Heron


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