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  • UT Shooter of the Year Final at Brook Bank

    13th August 2019 The Shooter of the Year Final will take place at Brook Bank on 30th August and 1st September 2019. This is the final BICTSF selection shoot of the... Read More
  • New Co-opted Director to BICTSF Board

    5th August 2019 Co-opted Director. We are pleased to announce that at the last board meeting, the UT Team Manager Gordon Pownall has been co-opted onto the BICTSF... Read More
Universal Trench Shoots/Fixtures

There are currently no Universal Trench shots or fixtures

Universal Trench Rankings

    1st September 2019 Thank you again to Phil Rowley who very kindly provided the UT current rankings promptly after the SOTY Final and SS at Brook Bank. We really appreciate... Read More
  • UT Rankings July 2019

    21st July 2019 A huge thank you goes to Phil Rowley for providing us with the UT current Rankings so quickly after the competition ended yesterday. We also very... Read More


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